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Professor Jeff Smith Discusses Topics from his E-Book ‘Ferguson in Black and White’

The December 2nd event hosted by the Urban Policy Program, the Center for New York City Affairs, and the New Black School: A Black Graduate School Organization, discussed the Grand Jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case and the resulting increased tensions surrounding racial and class inequality.

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Center for New York City Affairs: Produces Report on Preparing NYC’s Precarious New Generation of College Students

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More students than ever before are graduating high school in New York City. More high school students have access to college-level and college-preparatory classes. And many more are applying to—and attending—college. These are trends New York City can be proud of.

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Register Today for the Campaign Management Workshop

Thinking about running for political office or working on a campaign? This workshop covers all aspects of political campaigning in four intensive sessions. Drawing on readings, case studies, and the instructor’s extensive campaign experience, the course is a practical blueprint for anyone seeking office, managing a campaign, or otherwise hoping to influence an election. Sessions bring …

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Stronger Schools for NYC: A conversation with Christine Quinn

This Tuesday, January 15th, the Center for New York City Affairs (CNYCA) is hosting one event in a series that features likely 2013 mayoral candidates.  Current City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will share her views on how to improve education for the 21st century.  Following her remarks there will be a discussion with Clara Hemphill, …

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Urban Policy in an Era of Fiscal Austerity

With the federal debt at $16 trillion, the fate of the nation’s cities stands at a crossroads. While cities like New York appear to be doing better than ever, a rising tide of poverty and inequality threatens to undermine their progress. Meanwhile, a large group of second-tier cities, from Detroit and St. Louis to Stockton …

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