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GPIA Alumna Ashlee Tuttleman Designs Social Impact Programs Increasing Profits for Rwandan Coffee Farmers

Ashlee is the Social Enterprise Project Manager at Sustainable Harvest Rwanda, where she designs and implements social impact programs that improve information exchange among coffee origins and along the coffee supply chain. Programs she designs reinvest premiums earned through coffee processing back to the farmers.

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Professor Terra Lawson-Remer featured on HBO’s VICE Documentary Series

GPIA Professor Terra Lawson-Remer was featured on HBO’s Vice Documentary Series in an episode in season 2 focusing on The Resource Curse. Lawson-Remer was contacted by HBO to provide expert opinion on the situation in Papua New Guinea where abundant natural resources are fueling civil conflict and environmental destruction instead of contributing to peace and prosperity. Having written extensively …

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Alumna Allie Esslinger Launches Online Streaming Service Focusing on Lesbian-Related Films and Series


Allie Esslinger is a 2010 graduate of the GIPA program and concentrated in Media Studies and Governance & RIghts. During her time at The New School she took classes across the Political Science and Media departments and completed a Practicum with the Cities Alliance. Throughout the final years of GPIA, Allie was working with various production …

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Student Spotlight: Bonnie Berry

Bonnie Berry, Hong Kong background

“….my advice to students going [on the IFP] this summer would be to try things you never believed you could do. Challenge your thinking and what you believed you were capable of. It sounds cliché but don’t let fear hold you back from doing whatever it is you really want to do while [on the IFP], you’ll regret the lost opportunity later.”

Alumni Spotlight: Martin Searle

Martin Searle

“Going into an informational meeting at an organisation that interests you with the simple goal of swelling your network with people you hope to be useful encourages a stilted and awkward conversation that is likely to prove counter-productive to your ends. If, however, you go in with the mindset of expanding your own knowledge on issues you are already studying, this frames the conversation in an easy and comfortable way, and provides ample opportunity for you both to demonstrate the knowledge you already possess, and your motivation to learn more.” –Martin Searle

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