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Professor Sakiko Fukuda Parr to Speak on the Role of Human Rights in Combating Poverty


From Rhetoric to Remedy: human rights in the struggle against poverty
27 October 2014, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Lipton Hall,
108 West Third Street
New York, NY 10012

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Professor Terra Lawson-Remer featured on HBO’s VICE Documentary Series

GPIA Professor Terra Lawson-Remer was featured on HBO’s Vice Documentary Series in an episode in season 2 focusing on The Resource Curse. Lawson-Remer was contacted by HBO to provide expert opinion on the situation in Papua New Guinea where abundant natural resources are fueling civil conflict and environmental destruction instead of contributing to peace and prosperity. Having written extensively …

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Student Spotlight: Rudy Shaffer

“My experiences as a GPIA student have enabled me to form a thoughtful and critical analysis of what it means to work in the international field and have provided me with the tools I’ll need to make a positive contribution and lasting impact as a millennial, humanitarian, and global citizen.” -Rudy Shaffer

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The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention

Do you think you have an idea to prevent mass atrocities? USAID wants to pay you to hear about them! Visit the website (here) to find out more about how to enter and compete for cash prizes. This is also a great way to build a resume.  

Human Right Watch: Weighing the Evidence

Media Report Presentation Team Julie Wilkinson Sri Peddu Nina Arron Organization Human Rights Watch About The impact of Slobodan Milosevic’s indictment and trial on Serbian politics appears somewhat debatable [I think you mean a different word. The impact is certainly “debatable,” as is being done, but I think you may mean the impact appears “negligible”]. Although his initial …

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