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Student Spotlight: Laura Wainer

“Studying abroad was always a dream of mine and when the opportunity was presented, I felt like it was now or never. I liked the reputation The New School has for fostering anti status quo schools of thought.” -Laura Wainer

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Alumna Emily Miller Continues Latin America Focus Researching at Brookings Institution


“[Central Americans displaced by criminal violence] is an issue that truly needs more research given rising levels of violence paired with a severe lack of data. Bringing these varied perspectives together [at the February round table] had a real added value in beginning to understand where the holes are in our current knowledge, what the people on the ground know, and what the policymakers need to know to be more effective.”

Alumni Spotlight: Maximillian Ashwill

“The director of the [GPIA], Michael Cohen, once recommended that I take classes based on which professors I wanted to learn from, not based on the actual course description. This was the most valuable advice I received during my time at the New School.

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NPM Professor Robin Hayes’ New Film “Black and Cuba” Premieres Friday

Black and Cuba 2

Directed by Nonprofit Management Professor Robin Hayes, “Black and Cuba”, premiers Friday at the Pan-African Film Festival in Los Angeles. It follows a diverse group of street-smart students who are outcast at an elite Ivy League university, and band together to adventure to Cuba to see if revolution is truly possible. While filming their poignant encounters with AfroCuban …

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Foundation for Sustainable Development: Awareness on Development Inequalities

Media Report Presentation  Team Heather Higle Organization Foundation for Sustainable Development (FUNDESO) About The goal of this project was to increase awareness in Spanish society of the development problems and inequalities that Fundeso aims to combat through its development and awareness projects and programs in various countries. The student attempted to accomplish this objective through the creation of …

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