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Romancing True Power: D20-Co-curated by Milano Associate Dean and Prof. Nina Khruschcheva


Romancing True Power: D20 February 12 to 26, 2015 Sheila C. Johnson Design Center Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries 66 Fifth Avenue New York The D20 – modeled after the G20 group of the most industrialized nations – is a selective list of leaders from present and recent past, across continents and political systems, who, …

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Nina Khrushcheva and Peter Baker Discuss Russia and US Foreign Policy

Milano Professor Nina Khrushcheva and The New York Time’s White House correspondent Peter Baker sat down at The New School on earlier this week to discuss Russia and US foreign policy and relations.

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Faculty News: Professor Nina Khrushcheva Weighs In on the NSA and ‘Big Brother’

In a recent article written for Reuters, Professor Nina Khrushcheva discusses how comparisons between the NSA’s surveillance program and the ‘Big Brother’ of George Orwell’s 1984 are overblown and inaccurate given Orwell’s intentions.

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Associate Professor Nina Khrushcheva in Foreign Policy

Nina Khrushcheva published an article, The Show Trial State, in Foreign Policy. The article discusses why Russia’s ludicrous attempt to silence Alexey Navalny is a throwback to the bad old times of Stalin and Khrushchev.  

Faculty News: Nina Khrushcheva writes about the Boston bombing


Associate Professor Nina Khrushcheva weighs in on the young men involved in the Boston bombing. She writes “When Alienated Immigrants Turn to Terrorism” for the Moscow Times. The article brings up a lot of questions on the Tsarnaevs’ connection to the America and looking at attacks from within. Nina teaches courses such as: News Media and Culture: Purveyors …

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