Juliana Echeverri, Candidate for the M.S. in Organizational Change Management


Juliana Echeverri accumulated years of experience in the nonprofit sector through various internships and her role as the Executive Director of the Virginia Club of New York, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting UVA alumni in the tri-state area. Juliana’s desire to expand her toolkit led her to the Organizational Change Management program at the New School. She is currently starting her second year of the program and is really excited about the opportunities this experience has already presented, including her current job. 

Juliana is excited to share that she recently landed a job at The Medici Group, a boutique strategy consulting firm that focuses on diversity and inclusion as drivers for innovation. Her role is structured around supporting the speaking engagements of CEO Frans Johansson, author of  the Medici Effect. Johansson is a big proponent of the importance of breaking down the silos and stepping “into the intersection” – a place where different fields, disciplines, departments, and cultures converge to create new, remarkable breakthroughs. When asked what she loved about this new opportunity Juliana said, “I am most excited about the relevance of our company ethos and my role in helping grow the firm’s brand and expose multitudes of people on the importance of diversity and inclusion in all kinds of organizations.”

After her studies at Milano, Juliana hopes to pursue a PhD and become a university professor in a decade or two. She is particularly interested in the importance of empathy-based learning and strategies as drivers for operational efficiency, innovation, and promotion of diversity and inclusion.

We, at Milano, congratulate Juliana on this awesome opportunity and wish her luck in all her future endeavors!

Have questions for Juliana? Feel free to email milanomanagement@newschool.edu and we’ll pass your questions along!