Lisabeth Tremblay, currently Project Manager at NY-Sun, is a familiar name to many EPSM students. From her legendary internship with Brooklyn Brewery to her appearances at orientation, she has continued to connect with the community as an alumna. Learn more about her experience below. Students are welcome to connect with her on LinkedIn and email

Headshot_TremblayWhy did you choose to study at The New School’s Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy?

I was really drawn by the diversity of New York City, and knew that living here would open my mind and eyes to so many opportunities. The New School was appealing due to its focus of providing their students with plenty of in the field opportunities, which I believe is an invaluable experience. Overall, being a student at the New School not only led me to a career in renewables, but also has given me a powerful network of colleagues and friends.

Why did you choose the EPSM program? Was it related to the career you envisioned for yourself?

EPSM was the best fit for me because it blended both policy and management into one curriculum. I have always envisioned myself in a career that would require knowledge in both areas, specifically one within the public sector.

The EPSM program also focused heavily on client based learning, an approach that is difficult to find in similar graduate programs. 

What was the best thing about the EPSM program? What advantages does the degree give you?

The EPSM program draws a unique student pool, one which always made for a collaborative and engaging learning environment. Working side by side with such creative individuals made for a great peer-to-peer learning experience.

This degree also prepared me to think outside the box, and to be confident taking on challenges. I often find myself in work and social situations offering unique and creative solutions. I know EPSM had a hand in crafting those thought processes.

What advice would you give new students to help them make the most of their time here?

In order to fully take advantage of your time at The New School, I would advise new students to get involved. Your time and experience within the program is a direct product of how much you put into it. Join a student organization, enroll in courses outside of Milano, and mostly go where your passion takes you.

Do you have any particularly memorable student experiences? 

My most memorable experience was working with my PDR client, the Brooklyn Brewery. Being able to fully immerse myself into the operations of such an iconic local organization, and provide them with meaningful data was a great experience.

Tell us about what you’re working on now! How did your experience at Milano prepare you for your work and projects?

Currently I am a project manager for the NY-Sun program, a part of NYSERDA. I manage a community based solar program that focuses on customer aggregation and soft cost reduction. Milano was extremely helpful in teaching me to fully understand the basics of consulting while working with a diverse range of stakeholders.