Jeroen Kwakkenbos
Morgane Le Marzellac
Chryso D’Angelo

Amazonia Brasil

The Amazonia Brasil  Practicum Team conducted:

  • Research  on Bilateral Relations, focusing on:
  • The historic presence of the United States (government, NGOs and research institutes) in the Amazon Region.
  • The actual presence of the U.S. in the Brazilian Amazon now.
  • Comparative bilateral data between the U.S. and Brazilian Amazon (volume of water, number of species, situation of native groups, etc.).
  • Presence of the Amazon or its “sub products” on the lives of the U.S. citizens (medicines, gross products, etc.).
  • Imported products from the Amazon Region in NYC. F) Retrospective of media articles in main U.S. newspapers related to the Amazon Region, since 1992.
  • U.S. artists that inspired their works on the Amazonia Region (music, art, moviemakers, etc.).

This research will be accompanied by the Amazonia research team that includes GTA 500 NGOs (Grupo de Trabalho Amazônico) and region specialists.

Development of “creative communication and media plan.” Beside the regular media that there was already investment in, the team developed actions that would bring public attention to the event, such as “street performance,” partnership with student institutions, and communication actions in the city.
Searched for important web links and digital communities to connect it to the event.
Developed a “newsletter” of Amazonia Brasil.

3) Research on certified materials in the U.S. to be used on the building of the expo itself.

4) Administrative Support for Event Production

5) Pedagogic Project for the School Tours to the expo. Support on the development of the pedagogic program that supports the School Tours.