Black History Month at Milano: Bridging the Gap and What’s Next!

Milano concluded its celebration of Black History Month with last Friday’s Bridging the Gap event where students from across the university came together for a facilitated discussion on issues affecting the Black Diaspora including colorism, classism, identity politics and the commodification of ‘black culture.’

The attendees, hailing from a variety of backgrounds shared stories, experiences and opinions on these issues that resonated across the group. The event was a dynamic one filled with discussion, food, drink and dance, leaving many thirsty for more!

Luckily, the conversation doesn’t stop here! Milano will be extending the Bridging the Gap series, delving deeper into issues affecting the global black community, as experienced by Milano students! Keep an eye out for more information!



Facilitators Courtney Locus, Diari Dieye and Shannon Smith


Media Studies Student Shannon Smith Conducts “Identity Excercise”


SGPIA Student Diari Dieye Facilitates Discussion on Commodification of “Black Culture”

FullSizeRender (2)

Attendees enjoyed a compilation of song and dance from across the diaspora!


Guests getting the party started post-discussion!


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