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United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

In the Spring of 2005, the Graduate Program in International Affairs (GPIA) at New School University launched its practice- oriented track with the introduction of the Practicum in International Affairs course.  Under the auspices of this course, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) agreed to collaborate with a team of 5 GPIA students as consultants for its Global Youth Partners (GPY) Initiative.  These students were charged with the objective of documenting the project in Egypt within the GYP Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.  The students’ goals were to provide the documentation of the project’s origins and expansion, as well as to assess its success in building the capacity of youth advocates through your- adult partnerships.

The consultants spent two months working with the UNFPA client, evaluating the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, gathering background information on HIV?AIDS in Egypt and youth- adult partnerships, and jointly deciding on the objectives on their project, all in preparation for a field mission to Egypt.  From March 20 through April 10, four of the students traveled to Cairo, Alexandria and Mansoura in order to gain firsthand knowledge of the functions of the GYP initiatives and its partners, and in order to better understand the context in which the initiative operates.  The fifth consultant remained in New York, continuing to collect background information and to begin compiling the data for the final report.