Darfur Rehabilitation Project: Relief Information Clearinghouse


Olga Lenskaya
Scott Rosefield
Jon Ingles
Roza Grigoryan

Darfur Rehabilitation Project


DRP approached The New School in order to implement and improve water distribution in and around refugee camps in Eastern Chad. In that direction, we conducted research regarding the already existing refugee camps and began contacting the NGOs and IGOs that were responsible for managing the camps. After discussion with DRP the team narrowed the project down to one specific camp, GAGA after hearing testimony from a DRP member who had found that water needs were not being satisfied in that camp.

After careful review of DRP’s initial project plan, the conducted needs assessment and the potential roadblocks, providing DRP with a lengthy compilation of methods and materials used in the water extraction sector would be ineffective, if not counter-productive in helping DRP bring more water to the refugees in Eastern Chad.

The team recommended that DRP develop alternative plans to acting as a direct water
services provider and focus on tapping into and enhancing an already
existing system that will increase its capacity to work with and influence the
NGOs currently managing the water relief sector in Chad refugee/IDP
camps. This will be achieved by DRP forming partnerships in the field, performing
proper evaluations of water services in camps, acting as a clearinghouse of
information on the water relief sector and providing funding to existing and
potential projects.