Dr. Erin McCandles Publishes in “Building Peace”

IMG_0481Dr. McCandless has recently published a short piece on “Non-state Actors and Competing Sources of Legitimacy in Conflict-Affected Settings,” in the “Latest Insights” section of “Building Peace” – an online forum for peace and security hosted by the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

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This short piece summarizes research that Dr. McCandless, with the support of New School GPIA students and former students, undertook in the lead up to an important United Nations workshop on the social contract in fragile and conflict states in January of this year. Zoe Meroney, Darya Shaikh, Nicolas Rodriguez, Laurent Nicourt, Lilia Minkox, and Ayu Rahmawati engaged in this research.

Dr. McCandless will continue developing this research with Studley grant support, in the form of a book and policy dialogue project, being undertaken with the University of Denver, and in alliance with the United Nations Development Program.



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