Advocacy Officer for Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict 

Dragica’s childhood in Bosnia during the conflict of the early 1990s influenced her career choices. 

Dragica MikavicaUndergraduate Degree: B.A. in Government from Cornell University

Academic Work at SGPIA: Dragica focused her studies on peacebuilding and human rights. She participated in the International Field Program’s 2010 project in Nepal, where she worked with Advocacy Forum on a project related to post-conflict justice for war-affected populations—a topic that would later inspire the research for a thesis. She published a working paper in 2011 titled “Building Civil Societies To Build Peace: International Frameworks At Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina” under the guidance of Professor Everita Silina.

Career Path: After obtaining her degree from SGPIA, Dragica worked as a full-time junior researcher at UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, performing UN-based policy research on conflict prevention. Also during this time, Dragica facilitated a curriculum in peace education working alongside Move This World (formerly Dance 4Peace) in the Bronx, New York.

Current Work: Dragica currently serves as an Advocacy Officer at Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, a policy advocacy network-based organization in New York, where she leads the design and implementation of its advocacy strategies aimed at advancing the United Nations (UN) Security Council’s children and armed conflict agenda. Dragica also spent two years working with Watchlist as Program Manager prior to her current position.