Make A Ripple: Ethical Mining and Green Gold


Katinka Eikelenboom
Emily Andrews
Bryan Nicholson
Cate Owren
Nancy Rizkilla

Make A Ripple

Ethical Mined, a project of Make A Ripple, is a US-based initiative for consumers, which demands fair and ethical distribution of the earth’s resources by 1) fighting environmental and social harms to developing countries caused by irresponsible mining of our earth’s precious metals and gems, and 2) generating demand for responsibly mined materials from the earth that can support communities and break the poverty cycle. Ethical Mined is working in “real time”, growing along with the nascent global movement for ethically mined gold, offering support and motivation for the push toward Fair Trade status.This portfolio includes a wide range of resources related to the movement toward ethically mined gold. It is the culmination of three months of research by New School graduate students. It is an attempt to fill in the gaps in information necessary to further—and more fully understand—this movement. The following documents explore the many stakeholders involved in the supply of and demand for gold, and examine the potential for Fair Trade certification for gold and gold products. Some of the resources will serve as background material and reference works for people wanting to educate themselves on the issue of gold mining, especially those people working for non-governmental organizations that are active in the movement. Other documents, such as the map “Gold at a Glance” and the PowerPoint presentation are more useful as advocacy and educational tools for interested consumers. The Stakeholders Map is intended as a strategic, interactive website tool. The portfolio also includes several proposals for events and further research. We hope that actors within the movement will take up these proposals and implement them.