From Nonprofit Management to Environmental Defense: Matthew Duprey (NPM ’15)

Matthew Duprey said his professional background was limited when he showed up at The New School in 2013 after graduating from Penn State with a degree in Sociology. However, after obtaining his Master’s of Science in Nonprofit Management from the Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment, that limited professional background was a thing of the past.

During his time with the Nonprofit Management Program, Duprey gained real-world experience by working as a breaking news intern with Mic, as a graduate student assistant with Consumer Reports and as a research intern with both the Center for Economic and Social Rights and Graham Windham.

“I do not believe I could have benefited from these opportunities without the assistance of The New School,” he says. “The one thing I am most grateful to the Nonprofit Management program is that it opened the doors to many wonderful internships which led to full time jobs.”

Following his graduation from The New School in 2015, Duprey was hired by Consumer Reports and began working with them as a Prospect Research Analyst. He says he “could not have gotten that job without the teachings and experiences from The New School.”

Duprey now works as the Development Data Associate for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

“The most important thing I learned through the Nonprofit Management program was how to network better and to put myself out there for more opportunities,” he says. “I was also able to learn the ins and outs of how nonprofits work. I appreciated the broader focus of the The New School.”

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