Stela Petrova
Maxim Muzykus
Leila Gheit
Vasti Cedeno
Justine Caccamo

Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development

Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED) KIPRED is an independent non-partisan Kosovo think-tank established in February 2002. It provides research, policy analysis and policy proposals on i) security and foreign affairs; ii) inter-ethnic relations, specifically working to improve the conditions of the Kosovo Serb community; iii) administration and governance; and iv) political parties and elections.

KIPRED is the only Kosovo organization which has participated in the Internal Security Sector Reform (ISSR) process in 2005-06. It was commissioned to produce i) strategic environment review and ii) security threats analysis. In 2006-07 KIPRED has assisted the Parliament of Kosovo to increase its oversight capacities, by building and strengthening the capacities of the Parliamentary Committee on Security.


  • Provide a critical review of the current situation for drafting a solid National Security Strategy for Kosovo.
  • Provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the scope of security threats to Kosovo and its people.
  • Provide a review of Kosovo’s and international institutions (EULEX, KFOR, UNMIK and ICO) in the security domain. 


  • Discussion paper on challenges for drafting a feasible national security strategy for Kosovo.
  • Discussion paper on medium and long term security challenges and threats to Kosovo.
  • Functional analysis of Kosovo’s and international community’s presence in Kosovo for meeting the identified security threats and challenges

Background Material:

  • Comprehensive Settlement Proposal for Future Status of Kosovo (Ahtisaari’s plan)
  • Internal Security Sector Review
  • Constitution of Kosovo
  • Official documents of EULEX, ICO and KFOR
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, and Kosovo Police
  • Ministry of Security Force of Kosovo, and Kosovo Security Force
  • Ministry of Health of Kosovo
  • Kosovo Security Council
  • Kosovo Intelligence Agency
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Kosovo Customs Service