UNFPA: HIV/AIDS, Sex Workers and the Law


Alivia Thomas
Kianoosh Tahbaz-Salehi
Julie Rentz
Barbara Kramer
Michael Gilbride

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The Purpose of the Project:

To produce a policy document with country level mapping of the legal frameworks pertaining to sex work and their impact on the vulnerability of sex workers and clients to HIV infection. It should include an analysis of national migration laws in the context of sex work, including implications for trafficked and undocumented sex workers, victims of child commercial sexual exploitation and relevant legal instrumentalities.


  • Undertake literature review of existing legal frameworks
  • Analyse the three prevailing approaches detailing the implications of each approach on HIV risk and vulnerability for sex workers, clients and the community
  • Develop policy recommendations on legal frameworks


  • Initial literature review, selection of the main issues
  • Conceptual Framework for Institutional Mapping
  • Global Mapping

Methodology :

  • Individual and Group research using paper and online sources.
  • Weekly meetings with the New School Project Manager and regular meetings with the Client.