60days11maps1cityOver a 60 day period, 11 students from The New School spent time working at the African Center for Cities (ACC) or with other organizations in Cape Town to develop the maps contained in a project they have titled ’60 Days – 11 Maps – 1 City’ (low-res-5MB, hi-res-42MB). Each student produced a map that dealt with one particular issue of interest connected to the work they pursued during their time in Cape Town. The subject matter straddles multiple physical, institutional, social, political, economic and cultural territories. Laura Wainer, IFP-Urban Coordinator and 2015 International Affairs alumna, says ‘cumulatively, I think [these maps] give an interesting perspective on [Cape Town] and a new way of presenting urban research.’

The IFP team organized a well-attended exhibition featuring large-scale versions of their maps, at the University of Cape Town. Edgar Pieterse, Director of ACC and Toma Berlanda, Director of UCT’s School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics presented at the exhibition and indicated that they thought that [’60 Days – 11 Maps – 1 City’] was an excellent starting point for further collaborations focused on exploring new strategies and methodologies of urban research between the The New School and UCT. 

The maps will be used and published by organizations and NGOs, such as Slum Dwellers International, iKhayalami and the Social Justice Coalition. City Government’s consultants and UCT researchers also plan on using the maps in classes and as summary descriptions of policy discussions. The complete set of maps will ultimately be uploaded to the ACC’s City Desired website.

Congratulations to all the 2015 South Africa IFP-Urban students who completed these maps. They are: Adana Austin, Christina Baptiste, Alexander Bryden, Ashley Buchalter, Brennan Camp, Sarah Cooper-Tognoli, Dasha Maher, Zung Nguyen, Michelle Olivero, Lindsay O’Neill-Caffrey, and Adam Thalenfeld

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