Milano Management Brown Bag Talk | An Anarchist Prehistory of Management

The launch of Milano Management’s Brown Bag Series featured Associate Professor Nidhi Srinivas. In his recent book chapter on the anarchist prehistory of management, Nidhi shows that, historically, anarchist ideas held much in common with early management theory, including a shared sensitivity to the challenges of organizing. Rather than two hermetic monoliths, ‘management’ and ‘anarchism’ were initially promiscuous domains, borrowing ideas from each other and encouraging woolliness in how they defined and distinguished who they were and what they did.

Few textbooks on management contain even a reference to anarchism. But is this silence justified?

ICYMI: Check out Milano Management's first Brown Bag lecture with Professor Nidhi Srinivas, titled "An Anarchist Prehistory of Management"Stay tuned for more chances to join us for lectures by our faculty!

Posted by Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment on Thursday, September 13, 2018

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