Dean Michelle Depass, Associate Dean Mary Watson, International affairs Professors Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Lily Ling  and others discuss the role of women in international affairs, management and urban policy.

In March Milano celebrated Women’s History Month by engaging students, alumnae, faculty, and staff in conversations about women’s role in challenging orthodoxy, workplace leadership, and the media.

On March 14 the panel discussion entitled “Feminist Critique: Contributions to International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy highlighted and debated the unique contributions of feminist perspectives in pursuing alternative analyses, frameworks, and movements in the theory and practice of international affairs, management and urban policy. Participants shared their views on identity, economics, toxic waste, drones, and more.

Students, alumnae, faculty, and staff discuss successes and remaining challenges for women in the workplace and society at large.

On March 20 over sixty people came together to answer the question “Where do women sit at the table?” Featured speakers included: Shana Brodnax (NPM ’02) Senior Manager at Harlem Children’s Zone; Meesha Rosa (URB ’08) Director of Corporate Board Services at Catalyst; Lorena Ruiz (GPIA ’14)  Associated Producer at MSNBC; and Gina Luria Walker, PhD,  Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at The New School for Public Engagement, and the discussion was moderated by Courtney Locus (OCM), Lisabeth Tremblay (EPSM), and Sharon Reid, Assistant Director of Milano Career Services. The guest speakers shared their person experiences climbing the ladder of success and reflected on gender gaps in leadership and pay, communication and negotiation strategies, advocacy and women’s workplace relationships with each other, defying social and career norms, and diffusing the other B-word: bossy!