Management Professor Mark Lipton Featured in WWD Magazine

Author and professor Mark Lipton offers a primer on “mean men,” which is based on his most recent book.

“With the recent ousting of Lululemon’s chief executive officer Laurent Potdevin, Guess cofounder Paul Marciano under investigation (and on a leave of absence), the hasty retirement of Signet Jewelers’ ceo, and even Donna Karan excoriated for defending Harvey Weinstein, it’s clear that the fashion industry has far from escaped the conflagration of sexual assault allegations.

Though it’s hardly new — one need only think a few years back on former Lululemonleader Chip Wilson getting in serious trouble not only for alleged sexual harassment, but for equal claims of sexism and racism; or American Apparel founder Dov Charney’s serial accusations of sexual misconduct, not to mention Abercrombie’s former ceo Michael Jeffries well-documented attitudes — we’ve reached a critical point in society where these aggressive and highly inappropriate behaviors are finally being pulled into the spotlight, en masse.

In this long-overdue time of truth-telling and ethical outrage, I’d like to posit that these instances are, if not the tip of the iceberg, very much in lockstep with a larger set of personality traits and behaviors that run rampant in men who have gained success in just about every industry and public-facing aspect of American life.

I call this the “Mean Men” syndrome.”

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