Milano and The New School Rank High Among Schools In Student Ratings of Programs that Teach International Relations

imagesThe New School has just been ranked 6th out of 25 of the nation’s best universities that offers graduate International Relations studies by This list was generated from student reviews, rankings and testimonials on their experiences regarding a variety of student topics, such as academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid, and quality of network. 

It’s no wonder that students are excited to sing the school’s praises! The New School experience of teaching International Relations (Affairs), particularly at Milano, is unique in that its different programs and concentrations allow students to truly hone in on their areas of interest– from concepts as broad as the formulation of global development agendas and issues of governance and rights, to more specific topics like propaganda in the political arena or the sociopolitical implications of global soccer. Students are also encouraged to take these interests and engage with the real world with programs like the International Field Program and United Nations Summer Study, providing students with a hands-on and well-rounded graduate experience.

Location is also key in this experience. With The New School being located in New York City’s historic Greenwich Village–a neighborhood that has been heralded as the heart of bohemian culture, the birthplace of many 60’s counterculture movements, and the cradle of the modern LGBT movement–students are given the unique opportunity to interact with an area bustling with social and political engagement.

Learn more about International Relations (Affairs) at The New School here!


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