Urban Policy & Management professor and Senior Vice President for Social Justice Maya Wiley was recently featured in The Guardian. In her article titled,”Diversity is the Great Right-Wing Scapegoat for Working Class Woes” Wiley discusses the current state of higher education, and the great barrier to college, costWiley writes, according to “a recent study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy (reported in the Atlantic) found that students in families earning around $160,000 or more can generally afford about 90% of the more than 2,000 colleges studied. Students from families earning $69,000 or less can only afford 5% or less of those same colleges.”  Wiley also touches upon recent speculation that the Department of Justice will target diversity programs in colleges and universities for investigation(New York Times), and the cavernous income gap between black and white Americans that has persisted since 1980.   

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On August 16, 2017 was featured on MSNBC in response to Trump’s reluctance to call out white supremacy.

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