A recent Washington Post article referenced Darrick Hamilton, an Associate Professor at the Milano School for International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy. The article discussed the recent African American Economic Summit at Howard University which painted an “alarming picture of the financial ills afflicting the black community even as the nation recovers from the recession”.

Professor Hamilton recommended that  government divert some of the money used to fund the income-tax deduction for mortgage interest to fund “baby bonds” that would provide $15,000 for disadvantaged newborns of any race to invest later in higher education, a business or a home. He is a stratification economist, whose work focuses on the causes, consequences and remedies of racial and ethnic inequality in economic and health outcomes, which includes an examination of the intersection of identity, racism, colorism, and socioeconomic outcomes. He has published articles on disparities in; wealth, homeownership, health and labor market outcomes.