Professor Lily Ling wrote an enlightening article for the HuffPost on Love & Devotion in Chinese Political Culture, exploring the concept of Human rights and using Asian history and literature to provide readers with an alternative outlook on the subject.  Professor Ling concludes by saying that “those who reject China as incapable of justice or human rights need to look more closely into Chinese culture, history, and tradition – on its own terms”. Read more here.

L.H.M. Ling is Professor of International Affairs at The New School. She has authored four books: Postcolonial International Relations: Conquest and Desire between Asia and the West (2002), Transforming World Politics: From Empire to Multiple Worlds (co-authored with A.M. Agathangelou, York University, 2009); The Dao of World Politics: Towards a Post-Westphalian, Worldist International Relations (2014); and Imagining World Politics: Sihar & Shenya, A Fable for Our Times (2014). Forthcoming is a monograph titled, A Worldly World Order: Epistemic Compassion for International Relations (Oxford University Press) and a co-authored volume with Payal Banerjee (Smith College), Between India and China: An Ancient Dialectic for Contemporary World Politics (Rowman & Littlefield International). Professor Ling has four anthologies: Theorizing International Politics from the Global South: Worlds of Difference (co-edited with Nizar Messari and Arlene B. Tickner, Routledge, forthcoming); Asia in International Relations: Unlearning Imperial Power Relations (co-edited with Pinar Bilgin, Routledge, 2017); India and China: Rethinking Borders and Security (University of Michigan Press, 2016); and Four Seas to One Family: Overseas Chinese and the Chinese Dream (co-edited with Tan Chung, bilingual edition, 2015). Professor Ling’s articles have appeared in International Studies Quarterly, Review in International Studies, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, International Feminist Journal of Politics, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, positions: east asia cultures critiques, among others. From 2012-2015, Professor Ling served as Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Schools of Public Engagement (SPE). As of 2014, she is co-editor, with John M. Hobson (University of Sheffield), of a new series at Rowman & Littlefield International titled, Global Dialogues: Developing Non-Eurocentric IR and IPE.

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