Milano Students Co-Author New Report Released by the Center for New York City Affairs

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Nicole Mader, Melanie Quiroz, and Carmen Cheung co-authored a new Center for New York City Affairs (CNYCA) study on the proposal to change admission policy at the city’s specialized high schools. Nicole told the New York Daily News that the new plan isn’t “a simple matter of winners and losers, like a lot of people assume. It’s not a zero-sum game.”

Nicole is a senior research fellow at the Center and Ph.D. candidate in public and urban policy at The Milano School. Melanie is an education policy data analyst at the Center pursuing a master’s degree in public and urban policy at Milano. Carmen was a summer intern at the Center’s InsideSchools project

Additional Resources

Download the report: Scrapping the SHSAT: Breaking Down Who Would Be Affected, And How

Interactive map displays the net losses and gains, and concomitant demographic and academic shifts, each public high school would experience 

New York Daily News article by Michael Elsen-Rooney, Changing admission policy at specialized NYC high schools will dramatically change ethnic and racial makeups: study


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