New Graduate Minor in Design and Urban Justice

The Design and Urban Justice minor offers students methodologies, theories, practices, and policy approaches for advocating for social and spatial justice through design and applied urban strategies. In light of increasing economic polarization, social segregation, urban inequality, and concerns over access to basic necessities in urban environments, new design paradigms are emerging involving collaborations and alliances with citizens, activists, community organizations, and social-oriented institutions to create alternative ways of producing livelihoods and sustaining cities.

Addressing education, food, housing, public space, the environment, and social and urban infrastructure, this minor enables students to apply critical research, thinking, and design in creative ways to challenge current planning, organizational, and policy systems.

The Design and Urban Justice minor is available to all graduate students at The New School. It requires successful completion of nine credits. For more information about the minor’s requirements, faculty, curriculum, and learning outcomes, please click here.

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