New Summer course offering for GPIA

The Foundation Course for the GPIA Media and Culture concentration will be offered in the summer session that begins the week of June 3rd.  It is available for those who have chosen this concentration or for any student in Milano or Media Studies as a general elective. It will be taught by Prof. Nina Khrushcheva.
Title: News Media and Culture: Purveyors of International Affairs
NINT 5220/CRN 1987

This course is now ready for registration.

Tuesday and Thursday 8-9:50pm

First session: Tuesday June 4th

Last session: Tuesday July 23rd

This course is designed to help international affairs students to intelligently handle the fundamental issues of today’s complicated world. Placing a strong emphasis on the media and its culture, the course will introduce patterns of global and local cultural changes in the post-Cold-War world and the assertion of national, ethnic and cultural identities. The study of journalistic methods, interests and ethics from various countries will teach students to approach international affairs issues from a sociological and anthropological perspective. Assigned to follow current events in newspapers and on the Internet, students will discover how the media defines and controls the content of its reporting, which in turn affects what people learn about their own lives as well as other places.

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