putin is aAssociate Dean Nina Khrushcheva made waves in the Russian media last week, after Quartz published her piece on the bold social experiment she recently conducted at the Kremlin. As part of her continuous research/social experiments on Dicktators and autocrats, Khrushcheva aimed to challenge the fear and apprehension that keeps so many Russians from being critical of -or outspoken against- president Vladimir Putin’s government. On that fear Khrushcheva writes,  

“The Kremlin thrives on this almost genetic fear. An overwhelming vigilance that we assign to the state—given Russia’s KGB-controlling history understandable but hardly excusable—saves the government a lot of actual scrutinizing. […] I went to Red Square to test my theory: that we should be afraid, but that we are even more afraid than we should be.”

For the full article, click here: “Here’s what happened when I held up a Putin is a Dick sign in Red Square.” 

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