Project Rationale: As a result of the 2012 IFP in rural Colombia, the Rio Supia Waterkeeper was formed, joining 8 other Waterkeeper organizations in Colombia and 28 in Latin America. It is a brand new organization and is tackling huge environmental pollution problems in a municipality with no other NGOs. The organization is still in its formative stages and needs help to form a solid strong organizational strategy, fundraising plan, and outreach/communications plan.

Project Objectives 

-Help solidify an exciting new organization in Colombia working for people’s right to clean water, part of the international network of Waterkeeper Alliance.

-Strengthen the on-the-ground environmental education projects, reforestation projects and other water clean-up activities by supporting the organizational, financial and communications structure.

Primary Student Activities:

Possible projects include developing a strategic organizational and fundraising plan for years 1-5 of the organization, a possible grant proposal, an outreach/communications plan, translating Waterkeeper Alliance toolkits/materials for the Rio Supia Waterkeeper’s watershed work, possibly creating and designing a website.

Deliverable Expected:

-Strategic Organizational Plan for Years 1-5

-Fundraising Plan, possible grant proposal

-Outreach/communications plan

-Translated Waterkeeper Alliance toolkits/materials

-Possible website development

Organization Website: