ProDESC (Proyectos de Desarrollo Económico, Social y Cultural): Protecting Mexican Mining Communities


Mac Glovinsky
Chelsea Long
Ingrid Rosario

ProDESC-Proyectos de Desarrollo Económico, Social y Cultural


The contracting entity for this report, Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales
y Culturales A.C. (ProDESC), is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in
2005. While ProDESC has accomplished very important and laudable work within
Mexico, the organization seeks to broaden its knowledge and understanding of issues
pertaining to the extractive industry and human rights on the global stage. More
specifically, it aims to build cooperative understandings of the extractive industry’s role
and the subsequent impacts of its actions in local communities. With this mandate, this
report seeks to explain interpretations of rights from different perspectives
internationally, with a focus on the wide range of experiences and outcomes of
communities seeking to enact or enforce rights on a local level vis-à-vis international
organizations and agreements.

This report is structured to provide ProDESC with a comprehensive
understanding of the implications of a rights based discourse in the international,
regional, and local realms. This report begins with the conceptions and actions based on the rights discourse from the perspective of both the transnational extractive industry and the international rights advocacy groups, then it moves to a discussion of an applicable human rights framework of the discourse. Next it couples this discourse and framework with its parallel on the local, community based level. Three case studies are reviewed to help comprehend different obstacles faced by mining communities, the possible nature of interventions, and potential partnerships available to ProDESC globally. The report concludes with concrete recommendations and a synthesis of the inter-functionalities and relationships between the varying conceptions of rights, companies, and communities. As the mission of ProDESC is “to defend, from an integrated perspective, all people who are exploited in regards to their economic, social, and cultural rights”, this report seeks to bolster this competency as well as further the field of action for the organization in the future