Dr. Robin Hayes’ Black & Cuba Gets Reviewed by American Library Association Booklist


Black and Cuba, a documentary created by Assistant Professor of Management Robin J. Hayes, has been reviewed by the American Library Association’s publication Booklist. The review states:


“This enlightening documentary follows nine Yale graduate students who embark on an “ultimate field trip” to Cuba, where they hope to explore Cuban and American perspectives on race and revolution.” 


Read the rest of the amazing review on the Booklist website.

Hayes and Progressive Pupil have worked very hard to create the inspirational documentary that is Black and Cuba. The recognition that Black and Cuba is receiving is more than exciting and appreciated. Progressive Pupil, which was founded by Hayes and is an organization recognized by The New School, is a grassroots organization that provides Black studies for everybody through multiple social media platforms. These platforms include, Twitter, Facebook, and their blog titled The Progress. Check out their blog and Facebook page to gain more knowledge on Black and Cuba and Black studies. 

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