downloadGPIA Professor Terra Lawson-Remer was featured on HBO’s Vice Documentary Series in an episode in season 2 focusing on The Resource Curse.

Lawson-Remer was contacted by HBO to provide expert opinion on the situation in Papua New Guinea where abundant natural resources are fueling civil conflict and environmental destruction instead of contributing to peace and prosperity. Having written extensively on the subject, Lawson-Remer described the situation in Papua New Guinea  as an endemic problem across the developing world, which has its own  term: the ‘Resource Curse’. This curse occurs when poor or middle income countries with relatively weak governments have a windfall in natural resources like oil, gold or copper.vice-on-hbo-watch-episode-1-630x419

Lawson-Remer teaches a course called The Resource Curse at the GPIA program, exploring the negative outcomes often associated with natural resource wealth. Her writings on the subject can be found on her Council on Foreign Relations Expert page here.

Be sure to check out the episode on HBO, Season 2, Episode 8.

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