Protection of Civilians and Effective Advocacy at the UN

Client: Oxfam International

For this project, students will review Oxfam, other NGO and UN agencies’ effectiveness in ensuring global protection of civilians in key countries affected by armed conflict where Oxfam fights to end injustice and poverty.

Project deliverables will include:

– Compilation of Oxfam programs and advocacy messages in countries strategically important to the Oxfam “Rights in Crisis” campaign
– Writing and design of a summary of advocacy progress achieved by the Oxfam New York office
– Evaluation over the last five years of progress against key indicators
– A review of the impact of Oxfam and other rights-based international non-governmental organizations on UN Security Council actions over the past decade
– Analyze and deliver recommendations on how Oxfam can use existing UN policies and processes more effectively to produce dramatic change
– Development of a set of recommendations for immediate actions that can improve Oxfam’s policy and advocacy work in the UN New York context

Oxfam is one of the world’s leading international NGOs working on aid and development.