Public and Urban Policy Brown Bag Talk | Census 2020

There is no function of government more central to democracy than the Census—from apportioning seats for public office to federal funding formulas and data for social scientists. The 2020 Census will be the first on-line Census. It is grossly underfunded and the federal administration in Washington has raised significant concerns for immigrants, legal residents and other vulnerable people. The New School’s Digital Equity Laboratory has been working on a project to support greater collaborative work between libraries, community leaders and city governments in the New York region to support a fair and safe Census. Maya Wiley, Henry Cohen Professor of Public and Urban Policy and the founder and co-director of the Digital Equity Laboratory, discusses their work. 


Watch the Public and Urban Policy Brown Bag talk featuring Henry Cohen Professor Maya Wiley discussing Census 2020.

Posted by Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment on Wednesday, March 6, 2019



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