GPIA student and New Context contributing writer, Mai Perkins recently published an article to The New School’s International Affairs journal wh2015–25-International-Decade-for-People-of-African-Descentich highlights  the increasing amount of attention given to racial discrimination in the US  by the United Nations.  The article notes several controversial cases that were brought to the limelight over the past year and a half.  All of these cases were characterized by young black men and teenagers being aggressively confronted by police officers, resulting in their deaths.  The mothers of two young men who were killed by police in Florida went to Geneva, Switzerland to call attention to what they believe to be systemic racial discrimination in the US.  The UN appear to be paying close attention to the rise in popular sentiment in the US against police actions.  As Mai points out in her article, “The U.N. Committee Against Torture in Geneva, a 10-member watchdog committee, condemned police brutality and excessive use of force in the United States, particularly against minority groups and people of color”. 


Cities across the US have seen organized protests denouncing the violent manner in which police have been conducting themselves, especially against people of color.  LA, Oakland, Chicago, DC, and New York City had some of the largest protests and the largest of them all is planned for this Saturday in NYC.  The UN will likely be monitoring the progress of the national debate on racial discrimination in the US as the national dialogue continues to spread.