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Google Groups

Milano uses Google Groups to share information, events, job listings and other related materials with the Milano community. To receive and post information and updates, please subscribe to our Google Groups:

  1. Milano
  2. EPSM
  3. Squibslist 

NOTE: Please be cognizant when replying to Google Group emails. “Reply All” should be used sparingly, and only if the information you will send is pertinent to all who have subscribed to that particular Group, discussion or thread. If you have specific questions or comments, please make an effort to contact the sender directly, or other relevant individuals. If you feel something should be brought to the attention of administration, please contact [email protected]

Below are abridged instructions to change your settings. For more detailed instructions on joining, posting and subscribing to Google Groups, please see the Google Group guide here

  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Click on the Google Apps icon in the top right corner of browser window. The icon is a 3×3 grid of gray blocks and the word ‘Apps’ should appear in the tooltip when the mouse is hovered over the icon.
  3. Select the Groups App from the drop down. You may have to click on ‘More’ or ‘Even More from Google’ before the Groups App icon is displayed. If you have to click the latter option the icon may be displayed under the ‘Social’ heading.
  4. After accessing the Groups App click ‘My Groups’ to see all Groups your account has joined. You may need to click ‘’ to change the organizational view.
  5. Here you can modify your member identity settings, email frequency settings and choose to ‘Leave this group.’ You can also view all posts made to the Group by clicking on the Group name.


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