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Spring 2020 Milano Course Offerings

Exploring Graduate Courses at The New School

Use the Guide to Graduate Courses at The New School to help you choose a wide-range of electives from across The New School. The subject code is linked to courses for a particular program (Examples of Milano course master subject codes are NEPS, NMGM, NPUP, NURP). Once you know the four letter course master subject code you can can use this guide to find contacts and links to registration permission request forms. To request permission into a restricted Parsons course use  the Parsons Permission Request Form

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Milano Course Trailers     

Fall 2019

NURP 5018 Capital Markets and Investing for Impact | Taught by Charles Allison

NURP 5003 Elements of Finance | Taught by Charles Allison

NURP 5113 Social Determinants of Health: Policy and Politics

NURP 5130 Writing for Social Change: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

Summer 2019

NURP 5080 Introduction to Accounting and  Finance | Taught by Charles Allison