Robert Trisciuzzi

“The Development Concentration courses I took at New School for my roberttMS degree (Jan 2012), namely, Microfinance in the Developing World, with Professor Barry Herman, and Sakiko’s and Fabio Parasecoli’s Food, Global Trade and Development course (which resulted in my paper for that course, “The Brazilian Ethanol Program and the Impact of Food Security”, being published for a Food Conference New School/NYU) in June 2012), were very helpful in giving me the conversancy with microfinance and small/medium enterprise development issues that led to my being invited to work as a volunteer credit analyst/proposal-project reviewer in DB’s Global Social Investment Funds Group. Unfortunately, I was invited to volunteer there because of their own headcount constraints, which in turn has prevented me from joining that group as a DB internal hire. Such are the vicissitudes of the corporate/banking world.

I am striving to now move my career directly into the microfinance and small and medium enterprise development/NGO sectors. Clearly I’m highlighting my New School MS work over 2010-2011 as a part of that effort. And a reference from someone with the standing of Professor Sakiko, at the appropriate time for the appropriate situation, will be invaluable.”