UNFPA: Situational Analysis of Sexual and Reproductive Health of Persons with Disabilities


Veena Kasat
Susanna Arcella
Melissa Edwards
Megan Fingleton
Cristina Gomez Lucas
Alaina Willing
Larissa Curado
Marisa Westheimer

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


There is the need to develop a corporate strategy to strengthen UNFPA’s understanding of the population and development, reproductive health and gender equality issues of persons with disabilities, more particularly women and girls, and establish a stronger framework for UNFPA’s work on persons with disabilities.

To this end, a working paper has been developed describing the main sexual and reproductive health issues women with disabilities face in order to provide solid factual basis for that strategy. Accordingly, UNFPA will utilize the working paper to advise countries on policy and programming on the SRH and rights of women with disabilities. The methodology employed to identify the main issues that women and girls with disabilities may face in relation to their sexual and reproductive health consisted of interviews and meetings with experts, literature reviews and the collection of analytical information on
the SRH and rights of women with disabilities through the lens of country-case studies.