Independent Diplomat: Somaliland’s Struggle for Recognition


Leila Tayeb
Christina Kiel
Sarwat Hameed
Vishakha Apte

Independent Diplomat

Although Somaliland’s moral and legal validity for statehood recognition is strong and substantiated, pursuing recognition through reference to moral and legal arguments has proved thus far unsuccessful. Most governments still largely ignore this de facto state’s success and the broader international public is not even aware of its existence. This report outlines innovative ways to create awareness and garner support in the international community as well as methods to pressure decision makers with the goal to further Somaliland’s bid for international recognition. Our new ideas will build on current efforts to engage with the African Union. Through the exploration of Somaliland’s relations with Somalia, its neighbors, other key states and regional organizations, we came to understand that raising its profile would be Somaliland’s most successful path into the community of nations. A long-term plan not only advances Somaliland’s quest for recognition but also improves its regional standing and positions it as an important partner for the future. Our research indicates that Somaliland can advance its pursuit of international recognition in a three-pronged approach