Student Samy Nemir Olivares Publishes Article on Black Lives Matter in Huffington Post

Inline image 1SGPIA student Samy Nemir Olivares’ article Black Lives Matter: Black History in the Making was featured in the Huffington Post last Monday, February 29. In the article, Samy reflects on the Black Lives Matter movement and how it presents a demand for dignity and a recognition of humanity among all minority groups. His words are accompanied by striking photographs of Black Lives Matter rallies around New York City. Samy also contrasts his personal experiences of Black Lives Matter rallies against the mainstream media’s narrative surrounding this political movement. Samy argues the mainstream media largely focuses on violence and arrests associated with the movement, while his own observations have been “an atmosphere of solace and soothing… a healing process taken to the streets.” His photographs display an environment of consolation, and an alliance between women and men of various races and ages with their forceful demand for human rights for all.

Samy is concentrating in Media and Culture in his Master’s studies and is currently working on a thesis that focuses on research and a documentary he directed, which focuses on the contributions of transgender people to the LBGTQ equality movement.


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