International Rescue Committee: Project SOAR – Supporting Organizations Assisting


Abby Addis
Elsa Frey
Robin Eure

International Rescue Committee

In our analysis and redesign of the Project SOAR website,,
we have grouped our recommendations into three areas: Content, Organization/Navigation, and Visual Design. Our suggestions are further broken down into relevant subcategories in order to make the proposed site changes as clear as possible.

From a content perspective, it appears that website visitors use the site primarily for access to the resource library, while largely bypassing all of its other networking and collaborating potential. This could be remedied with compelling advertising of the site’s other features and a selective expansion of these components of the site. Together, this would constitute an effective campaign to encourage greater user participation in these areas. The language on the site needs editing, as it is overly technical and may be confusing to users with limited English capabilities. In terms of navigation, the SOAR site is overly vertical, making it cumbersome to browse the resource library, for example, or to search the site for specific information. Lastly, the visual design needs to be more vibrant and dynamic to capture visitors’ attention and encourage their use of the Resource Library and Member Profiles sections. What follows are our specific suggestions for how the SOAR website could be modified to attract and encourage greater participation by ECBOs and other potential site users.