NGO Committee on Financing for Development

The NGO Committee is made up of mainly religious-based organizations that want to advocate for financial and trade reforms that could help reduce poverty in the countries in which their networks are active. These folks are not professional lobbyists but have lots of field experience that they can use in talking to government representatives at the UN. What they lack is the technical background on the issues.

GPIA students will prepare a joint paper on policy issues in one or more topics and make a presentation to the Committee (as the deliverable). During the semester they will contact NGO and academic experts and do desk research on the issues chosen, and should be able to get passes to go to General Assembly committee meetings during the semester when their issues are discussed.

It will be necessary to wait until September to select the precise topic(s), as it depends in part on meetings taking place at the UN now and into September (Summit on the MDGs). Meanwhile, the NGO Committee has formed subgroups on different issues and our students would probably work on one or more of these.