Associate Dean Khrushcheva Featured Throughout the News

Al Jazeera - NinaApril has been an especially busy month for Associate Dean Nina Khrushcheva in the media.

Nina was featured on “On the Media” with Brooke Gladstone, where she joined Dan Savage to discuss the eroticism of power in Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

In Quartz, she wrote an article about Vladimir Putin’s governing style. “Just a few years into his presidency,” writes Nina, “[Putin] chose not the road that Khrushchev and Gorbachev had contemplated—of political cooperation, economic prosperity and military cutbacks—but the mindset of most Russian leaders: animosity, militancy and isolation. And this is where our friend Vladimir should tread lightly. There is a precedent for the fantastic failure of overconfident Russian leaders he would be wise to learn from.”

Finally, Nina was interviewed on Al Jazeera America to answer the question: Does Vladimir Putin have a grand strategy to split up alliances and complicate matters within the European Union?


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