Faculty News: Michael Cohen to address Governing Council of UN Habitat


Michael Cohen to address Governing Council of UN Habitat

This week GPIA Director Michael Cohen has been formally invited by the Executive Director of UN Habitat to address the Governing Council of UN Habitat in their meetings in Nairobi, April 16-18.

The Governing Council consists of the Ministers of Housing and Urban Development of all UN member countries and meets every two years. In addition to speaking before the Council, Michael has been asked to chair the deliberations of the Ministers all day on April 17 during which they will discuss the conditions of the world’s cities and the status of urban policies.

This year the focus of the Governing Council is the economic role of cities, a subject which Michael has written on extensively including the particular the role of cities in the global economic crisis since 2008, also a subject he has studied in an analysis of the urban impacts of national economic stimulus packages.





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