Nina Khrushcheva on Anti-American Terrorism: Containment Begins at Home

imagesAssociate Dean Nina Khrushcheva’s piece on Project Syndicate, “Containment Begins at Home,” tackles the issue of homegrown, anti-American terrorism- an issue often eclipsed by concern over “the external scourge of Islamic terrorism.” Khrushcheva examines the different social, political and ideological factors that may contribute to feelings of hatred and frustration that can, and have, devolved into violent attacks against Americans on U.S. soil (such as the recent shooting at two military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee perpetrated by a U.S. citizen of Middle Eastern descent.) Khrushcheva’s piece posits that this event, as late political strategist and diplomat George F. Keenan warned, is demonstrative of the fact that “American foreign policymakers should hold in check their urge to act, especially militarily. One can never know when the blowback will come, but it will.”


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