Resources for Faculty and Staff

Welcome Faculty and Staff Resources. To request that a specific resource be added to this page email [email protected].


Receiving Administrative Support

Receive Support from Student Workers:

  • For basic office assistance like copying, scanning, or technology troubleshooting contact an administrative student worker on your floor.
  • For long-term projects or specialized tasks contact a student worker or staff from your program.


Submit Facilities Work Orders:


Send and Receive Mail (once a day pickup and delivery):

  • Mailboxes are located in the back of floors 5, 6, and 7 across from the kitchen area. 
  • Inter-office and Postal Service mail should be placed in the Outgoing bin near the mailboxes. 
  • Bulk mail requires a FOAP sticker/postage, which can be received from a student worker.


Scan, Copy, Print, and Fax with the Konica Minolta (one at back of floors 5, 6, and 7):

  • Access Code: 2000
  • Fax Numbers: 5th fl, 212.229.5404; 6th fl, 212.229.5335; 7th fl, coming soon
  • Contact an administrative student worker to have your computer configured to print directly to the Konica Minolta.
  • For all other technical issues contact Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration, [email protected], 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207).


Purchase Supplies, Submit Expenses and Book Travel

  • Submit expenses and book travel through Concur. First time users must complete the Concur Application for Online Access and submit a hard copy to Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration,[email protected], 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207).
  • Employees that purchase small dollar amounts between $1 and $1,000, request small dollar items through purchasing or travel on behalf of The New School should apply for a University issued credit card.
  • Request general office supplies from student workers and specialized items from Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration,[email protected], 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207). 


Reserve Rooms for Meetings or Events


Ordering Business Cards

  • Only when running low on business cards please send your current one to Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration, [email protected], 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207), indicate the quantity (250 or 500) and any updates to the following fields: name, title line 1, title line 2, title line 3, email, telephone, extension, mobile, fax, social media contact 1, social media contact 2, social media contact 3, office/division 1, office/division 2, URL.


Administrative Forms


Social Media

Publish to Milano Social Media Channels
  • Channels include Milano Central, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Groups. For more information about these channels, please see the Communications Guide.
  • Email publish-ready content only to [email protected]. Include all relevant details such as event name, date, time, location, links, and a description.
  • Social media posts are directly relevant to the Milano community and may include announcements pertaining to campus events (e.g. orientation, registration, commencement, conferences, lectures, etc.,) or alumni, faculty, and students (e.g. publications, media appearances, projects, lectures, interviews, new jobs, research, etc.)
    • Facebook (one paragraph) and Twitter (140 characters) posts are link(s) accompanied by a concise sentence for Twitter, or a brief summary for Facebook (either the sentence or summary are intended to frame the content linked and entice the viewer to click).
    • Milano Central Blog posts are original content (no more than two to three single spaced pages) or links accompanied by a one to three paragraph summary, review, commentary, etc., to provide framing.
    • YouTube posts are a video (documentary, lecture, etc.) accompanied by a one to three paragraph description. Please use Google Drive to share the video with [email protected] and email the download link. Do not send videos greater than 50MB over email.
  • Jobs, internship and fellowship announcements should be sent to [email protected] to be published on Career Services specific social media channels or publish them yourself using Google Groups


Marketing/Branding Resources and Editing Faculty Bio

Modify Your Official New School Website Faculty Bio

DIY Guide for Implementing the New School Brand, Creating Events, Social Media, and Receiving Business Stationary and Materials


Office Directories and Voicemail

Voicemail Setup Instructions

Milano Administration, Faculty and Staff Directories


Guidelines, Guides and Forms

Guidelines and Procedures
Academic Forms


Ombuds for Faculty and Staff
  • Please see this page on The New School website for resources.