Julien J. Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs

Welcome to the SGPIA resource page. Below you will find links to information to help you navigate the SGPIA program and utilize the benefits the program offers. 

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Advising Notes

Resources for Practice, Thesis and Research Portfolio Options

To enroll in Thesis Supervision, you must:

  1.  Complete the Thesis Registration Form 

  2.  Once your thesis advisor has signed your thesis registration form bring it to Phil Akre, or to the GPIA Front Desk at 72 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor.

  3.  Upon submitting the thesis registration form you will receive the CRN for your Thesis Supervisor’s section, and be given permission in the system to register for that CRN (you cannot register until this permission has been granted).

Become familiar with the Thesis Guidelines and throughout the thesis process use the Thesis Checklist to ensure you are completing all requirements.

To graduate in May 2017 you are expected to

  1.  Have taken Thesis Supervision by Spring 2017.

  2.  Deposit your thesis by the May 1, 2017 deadline.

  3.  Submit the Thesis Checklist (above).

If you have any questions, please email intaffairs@newschool.edu!

Program Archives:

Recent International Affairs Posts

Laura Nitz capturing 360 B-roll of the Aegean Sea in Lesvos, Greece. Photo Credit: Bianca Rogers

SGPIA Student Group creates a Virtual Reality Film on Migration

Brought about by a mutual interest in social impact, a group of final semester SGPIA Media and Culture students have created a collective, viewpoints360.org, to make a Virtual Reality/360 film about migration. Their film will focus on DIY aid and self-initiated aid groups assisting in relief and resettlement efforts for the refugee crisis in Europe. The group brings with them an eclectic range of expertise; Laura Nitz is the Special Projects Director in the School of Visual Art’s (SVA) Computer art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects department; Nathan Yardy’s professional experience is in documentary film, broadcast, video, multimedia production, and ...

SGPIA Professor Michael Cohen attended the Vatican Workshop on the Human Right to Water

On Friday, February 24, 2017, Pope Francis addressed the Vatican Workshop on the Human Right to Water in Rome. He insisted that the right to safe drinking water is a basic human right requiring deliberate action and a central place in the framework of public policy. “The questions concerning the right to water are not marginal, but basic and pressing," the Pope said. In attendance was SGPIA Professor Michael Cohen, whose extensive work on urban development, including his recent tenure on the UN Habitat III Policy Unit on Municipal Finance, has made him a world renowned expert on the subject ...
Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.06.07 PM

Mapping Local Opposition to New York State’s Fracking Infrastructure Boom

by Stephen Metts During the Fall 2016 semester session of Milano's Practicum Option, one project group worked with adjunct faculty member Stephen Metts to develop an interactive map for locating community opposition to fracking infrastructure taking hold across the Northeast Region of the United States. Immediately proximate to a massive shale gas play known as the Marcellus Shale, pipelines, gas-fired power plants, compressor stations and metering stations are cropping up all over Northeastern states, notably New York State. While the fossil fuel industry touts narrow economic arguments to legitimize the fracked gas boom, local communities fall into crisis: local environments ...
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Opinion: We Need A Moderate SCOTUS

An opinion piece by SGPIA alum, Rose Worden On Wednesday, November 9 2016, my sister and I commiserated over the phone. The unfathomable election of Donald Trump as President had somehow come to pass. So much felt uncertain, but we saw the Supreme Court vacancy as an issue with high stakes and long-term consequences that, although contentious, didn’t seem to be as much a target for awareness-raising or activism as other issues. Within a week, we came up with a letter-writing campaign, and made a website (SCOTUSletter.net) with links to petitions calling for the confirmation of President Obama-nominated candidate, Merrick ...