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*The Master of Science in Public and Urban Policy is the program formerly known as Urban Policy Analysis and Management.


Race in the U.S. Course Responds to Race Issues in Real Time

  Linda Sarsour recalled the moment in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks when her life as a Muslim-American changed forever. On that day, Sarsour returned home from classes at Kingsborough Community College to Sunset Park, where her mother was watching her kids. Entering the house, Sarsour bumped into her mother, who was rushing to pick up Sarsour’s brother from school. She was stunned by what her mother was wearing — or more precisely what she wasn’t wearing. “I told her, ‘You forgot to put on your hijab,’” recalled Sarsour, whose morning in classes had prevented her from learning ...

Milano Professor Maya Wiley Featured in The Guardian & MSNBC

Urban Policy & Management professor and Senior Vice President for Social Justice Maya Wiley was recently featured in The Guardian. In her article titled,"Diversity is the Great Right-Wing Scapegoat for Working Class Woes" Wiley discusses the current state of higher education, and the great barrier to college, cost. Wiley writes, according to "a recent study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy (reported in the Atlantic) found that students in families earning around $160,000 or more can generally afford about 90% of the more than 2,000 colleges studied. Students from families earning $69,000 or less can only afford 5% or less of those ...

Alumni Profile: Chelsea Wilson (Urban Policy ’17)

CHELSEA C. WILSON ALUMNI   Graduated May 2017 Chelsea C. Wilson is a recent graduate of the Master’s Degree in Urban Policy Analysis and Management from Milano School of International Affairs,  Management, and Urban Policy at The New School. Currently, she works as a Policy Consultant Intern at The Child Welfare Organizing Project and  has completed her thesis on child welfare issues affecting parents and families in New York City. Before coming to The New School, Chelsea was a New York City Civic Corp member working at the Fordham Law School Feerick Center for Social Justice. She completed her undergraduate degree from Brooklyn ...

SGPIA Professor Michael Cohen attended the Vatican Workshop on the Human Right to Water

On Friday, February 24, 2017, Pope Francis addressed the Vatican Workshop on the Human Right to Water in Rome. He insisted that the right to safe drinking water is a basic human right requiring deliberate action and a central place in the framework of public policy. “The questions concerning the right to water are not marginal, but basic and pressing," the Pope said.  In attendance was SGPIA Professor Michael Cohen, whose extensive work on urban development, including his recent tenure on the UN Habitat III Policy Unit on Municipal Finance, has made him a world renowned expert on the subject. “I ...

Milano Student tells Immigrant Stories

Milano Student Shagana Ehamparam produced an amazing story and podcast as part of Professor John Rudolph's class on "Telling Immigrant Stories". The work is entitled: "Goalllll! The Changing Face of Ice Hockey" and addresses how hockey welcomes immigrant communities. Check her article and podcast here. Shagana is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Urban Policy and is also a Research Assistant at The Center of New York City Affairs ...